Invitation 10th Anniversary Dutch HFC Association

On October 4th 2012, the 10th Anniversary Conference will take place. The Dutch Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Association (NWV) wants to emphasize what hydrogen and fuel cells have achieved in the past decade. There will be several international speakers.

Dear NWV members and interested parties,
The first 10 years of our journey towards a sustainable energy supply system is behind us……...
10 years ago we established the Dutch Hydrogen and Fuel Cell organization, as a platform for stakeholders to cooperate, share ideas and create critical mass to test and demonstrate their technologies. We have observed the international progress and are proud that many of our members have found ways to be leading in their field of expertise, contributing to the implementation of this Hydrogen Economy.
In our 10th Anniversary Conference, on October 4th 2012, the Dutch Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Association (NWV) wants to emphasize what hydrogen and fuel cells have achieved in the past decade. We will have several international speakers from representing companies in Hydrogen and Fuel Cells to take us with them on their journey over the past 10 years and present landmarks in their companies developments. 
From a European perspective they will guide the audience through the achievements of the industry and want to show the audience why they have invested so much in hydrogen as a new energy carrier and fuel cells as a new clean efficient energy converter.
Sub-themes in the program are hydrogen for smart energy supply and storage, hydrogen for smart e-mobility etc. On top of all that we are going to convince you why the NWV thinks hydrogen is smart!
The chair of the conference, Ms. Katrina Fritz, Director Business Development & Public Affairs UTC Power Corporation USA, will put the outcomes of the Conference in a US and worldwide perspective. 
So get smart, go hydrogen!
Please follow our website for more information. We will inform you asap about the content of our program. 


Best regards,


Ellart de Wit

Chairman of the Dutch Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Association



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